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To book a ride on JumJum, simply open the app, enter your destination, choose your preferred ride option, and confirm your request. The app will connect you with a nearby driver, and you can track their arrival in real-time.

JumJum offers a variety of payment options, including cash and digital payments. Our app is integrated with eSewa digital wallet, ensuring a quick and secure payment process. Choose the method that suits you best and enjoy a hassle-free transaction.

Yes, JumJum understands the importance of planning ahead. You can schedule rides in advance through the app. Simply input your desired pickup time and location, and JumJum will ensure a driver is ready when you need them.

Yes, JumJum allows rides to select multiple pick and drop locations in the same ride. 

When booking a ride with JumJum, you can add multiple drop locations. Simply input the addresses of each stop, and our system will optimize the route accordingly.

Your safety is our top priority. Experience peace of mind and stay informed throughout your journey by tracking your driver's real-time location.

Your feedback is valuable. After each ride, you can rate your driver and provide comments in the app. If you encounter any issues or have specific concerns, our customer support team is ready to assist. Reach out through the app, and we'll ensure a prompt resolution.

JumJum offers a variety of ride options to suit your needs. As of now, you can choose a bike or a car for your ride.

To join the JumJum driver platform, 

  • Download the JumJum Driver app from Google Play Store or App Store
  • Follow a simple registration process by filling KYC form
  • Visit the office for a short training session.
  • Begin your journey as a JumJum Driver and start earning.

To be eligible for becoming a JumJum driver, you must have following

  • Must have personal registered vehicle
  • Must have valid driver's license and vehicle documentation
  • Must have a smartphone

Our app is integrated with eSewa digital wallet. You can withdraw your earning amount three times a day. You can track your earnings in real-time through the JumJum Driver app.

Safety is top priority for our drivers. JumJum offers premium auto insurance coverage for drivers.

Yes, as a JumJum driver, you have the flexibility to choose the areas where you want to provide rides. We also provide flexibility in working hours for drivers. 

JumJum values its driver community. If you encounter any issues during a ride or need assistance, use the in-app support feature to connect with our dedicated support team.